Consumer Signals

The heart of our data-driven marketing, bringing you the best of digital data to create, optimise, and amplify your brand's activity.

Powering Your Marketing with Tailored Trends

Understanding your audience and what’s trending in their world allows you to make smarter decisions about your marketing. Our tailored trends process gathers rich insights on market opportunities and audience targets. Data and insights are shared with clients and within Beamly in engaging, narrative formats. We make specific recommendations for audience targets to activate across media and then monitor performance to hone the targeting. Through a rapid test and learn cycle, your campaigns connect to consumers to drive performance.

Our Services


Trend Scanning

Using a combination of social media tools with proprietary data science algorithms, Beamly monitors the conversation that your customers are having across the web. Know what’s hot, what’s fading away, and what the evergreen trends are that you can always rely on.


Audience Strategy

Building a rich profile of your key audiences allows you to target your campaigns across programmatic and social to drive performance. Drawing on digital data from across the web, Beamly both builds the picture and points to where to find them across all digital media channels.


Social Listening

With best-in-class social media tools, Beamly monitors the conversations that your customers are having across the web. Through comprehensive analysis techniques, we are able to distil the signal from the noise and inform your decisions with real consumer feedback.


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