3 wedding makeup looks that work on anyone

By Glynnis Mapp, 20 June, 2016

It’s that time. Wedding season. Some of us have just one big nuptial fete and then some of us have what could possibly be considered a wedding marathon.

If you’re popular enough, and depending on your circle of friends, you might have as many as five weddings (or bless you more) to go to this year. Sure, the question is always ‘what the heck do I wear?’ but also ‘what on earth do I put on my face?’

Because in order for you to feel fresh and not completely bored with the same dress you wore to your last friend’s wedding (hey, we’re not judging, we do it too) you need to mix up your style with a completely different beauty look. It’s the only sane way.

And it’s tricky: if you like trendy, bold looks, you might have to pare it down, so as not to scare a small child or an elderly relative – this is a family affair and junior or grandma might not get the Kylie black lip you’re going for.

So, with that in mind, here are three wedding-safe looks that are classic – and trendy, depending on how you remix it.

The cat-eye flick

Foundation on fleek 🙌 @samsfaceofmakeup creates that perfect base using our radiant Wake Me Up foundation.

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It’s practically in the beauty bible. Fabulous since the dawn of time (or the 1950s, but hey) it accentuates your eyes, makes you look dressed up in an instant and gives you a polished, classic look. The only trouble is that it’s sometimes hard to get a perfect flick.

Eyeliners, London style 🇬🇧✌️

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Fear not, eyeliner stickers and a couple of remixes will take this tried-and-true beauty look to an easy, DIY level.

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The bold lip

We've got the mauves #TeamFullColour

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Sure, we said no Kylie black lip but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with colour. Sweep on a pretty pink, lavender, peach or coral (and don’t forget red) for a lip look that speaks before you do.

It's time to pick your team. #TeamSheerColour or #TeamFullColour which side are you on?

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Tip: Be sure to make your eye makeup fairly neutral and match your blush to your lips to balance the colour palette on your mouth and make it less harsh. If you’ve got a warm lip, opt for a warm blush (peach, warm pink), and if you’ve got a cool lip, try a cool-toned colour for your cheeks.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick, £6.49

The no-makeup look

It’s the hardest makeup to achieve: the perfect blend of neutral shades to accentuate your natural beauty without making you look too orange or too ashy. Be sure to apply your makeup in natural light so you can tell whether your foundation, contour, highlight and lip colour are blended well. And be sure to balance the colours in your face with subtle blush to avoid looking too perfect. We didn’t say this would be easy!

Tuesday must haves. Get them now @bootsuk 🙌

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Tip: A tinted primer will help your makeup stay flawlessly put for hours and a nude lipstick with a subtle pink (dusty rose or another muted hue) will give you a lip tint without making it look like you’ve got lots on.

Rimmel London #Instaflawless Tinted Primer, £6.99 and Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Nude Collection, £5.49

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