6 ways you might be making yourself break out without even realising it

By Scarlett Cayford, 17 March, 2016

Even the luckiest clear-skin goddesses among us experience break-outs every now and again – and try as we might, we often have no idea which element of our busy lifestyle caused the unwelcome eruptions.

So if you're suffering from skin sadness, check out this list of ways you might be entirely to blame (and can therefore stop…).

Using the devil himself: face wipes

Everyone knows that face wipes are an environment scourge and are also ageing you by 19 years with every use: but what you might not know is that they're probably also causing your breakouts! The fact of the matter is that swiping at your skin with a moist wipe is probably only removing half of the gunk that builds up in there – so if you're reliant on drugstore wipes to do your dirty work, then you deserve everything you get. Every single pimple. Shame on you.

Touching your damn face

Even if you're not a picky-type person, you're probably pawing at yourself way more than you realise – wiping, patting, stroking. Every boring meeting you've ever sat in, chin in hand, staring out the window? Full responsible for those nasty face breakouts. Put your hands in your pockets and keep them there. Or, actually do whatever you're paid to do. If you're paid to touch your face, we cannae help you.

Sleeping on filth-tastic linens

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Even if you spend 80 minutes a night getting every trace of paint and pollution out of your pores, it'll come to nothing if you're bedding down on a dirty pillow case. If you're a wearer of night hair-masks; if you've got a partner who shares your space; even if you're someone who genuinely believes that washing your sheets once a month is enough: you're screwed.


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Hi, this is the solution to all your problems, we cannot believe you're STILL not doing this. Drink. More. Water.

Using scummy makeup brushes

Stands to reason, doesn't it, that even if you're cleaning your face thoroughly, if the brushes you're using to reapply makeup the next day are loaded with germs, all that gunk is going to get right back into your skin? Yes. We know that cleaning brushes is a drag and you'd rather be re-watching Grey's Anatomy, but just take the time. Do it right. You won't be sorry. And you won't smell as bad, either.

Not rinsing your shampoo from your skin properly

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This isn't so much an issue for your face, but if you're a sufferer of back and rack-ne, the cause might well the residue from your hair products lingering on your skin and causing oily build-ups. So make sure you take the time to clean off your body as thoroughly as you rinse your hair, and backless jumpsuits will be yours to wear once again!

There you have it: clean and clear skin is just a few arduous and annoying steps away. Sorry. Enjoy your new face! 



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