At-Home Hair Color, Reimagined

By Emily McClure, 11 August, 2017

We’ve all heard our share of at-home hair color horror stories. From formulas that drip all over our couches to scents that completely overpower us, coloring our hair at home has become a complete and utter chore. Honestly, why can’t there just be a hair color that gets us? One that won’t ruin our furniture or leave a lingering chemical smell on our strands. Let’s just say that in an ideal world, hair coloring in the confines of our bathrooms would be just as luxurious as a day at the spa.

Can you imagine a hair color that could do it all? Not just cover any pesky grays, but one that would apply like a dream, smell like a bouquet of flowers, and leave our hair feeling soft to the touch? Talk about the ultimate beauty daydream.