Blair Waldorf’s best Gossip Girl beauty moments

By Zara Kenyon, 29 January, 2016

How we miss Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, and the Upper East Sider's beauty prowess. She was nothing if not pristine at all times, with her dark, glossy locks and fervour for headbands.

In ode to the makeup/hair/wardrobe icon that was the inimitable Queen B, we've collated her best beauty moments – which, FYI, are so timeless you could wear them now.

Whole lotta headbands

We can’t talk about Blair’s best beauty moments without mentioning her headbands. She wore so many, from a classic bowed number…

To this embellished beauty…

And lest we forget her Queen B crown.

Gloriously glossy locks

But headbands weren’t the only wonderful things that Blair donned atop her head. She rocked some gloriously shiny tresses that barely strayed from their loosely curled state of perfection.

It can’t have been easy having hair that flawless, but if you’re a fan of an Upper East Side-esque curl, mist your freshly-tonged hair with Balmain Hair Silk Perfume, £20.95, which pumps in shine as well as scent.

That’s not to say she didn’t like the odd up-do – providing it was mildly ostentatious, with jaunty angles, braids or accessories.

Just check out her (second) bridal hair, for example…

Luminous lips

But, our Blair was a classic girl through and through. Her makeup was always polished; packed with glow, mascara, rosy cheeks galore and – more often than not – a statement lip.

There was this neon coral, which could be replicated with a slick of Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick in Cheeky Coral, £6.99.

This glossy berry, which has a Topshop Lips in The Damned, £8, vibe to it.

And, the best one of all. This crimson lip that (almost) stole the scene when Blair saw Chuck for the first time in months, in Paris. Try Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer in Passion Pop, £16, to channel the look.

We mean, it's not exactly low-maintenance. But, if owning a lipstick wardrobe and the glossiest hair is what it takes, we'll forever be trying to look like Blair.

Missing you, Queen B.