Finally: a liquid lipstick made for women of colour

By Glynnis Mapp, 17 June, 2016

Let’s face it. The beauty business is a little skewed. And even though it’s 2016, some brands just aren’t catching on to the fact that their customers are very diverse and likely don’t all look the same.

One UK beauty entrepreneur and lipstick maven, Florence Adepojou decided to take things into her own hands. After starting a liquid lipstick line called MDM Flow in the back of her parents home in suburban Essex, she was noticed by Sophia Amoruso’s team at Nasty Gal and the rest is history. Hello online lipstick e-store empire.

What’s different about Adepojou’s lipsticks are that they are darker than the nudes that are available from more mainstream retailers. The reason? Adepojou found that when she herself tried liquid lipsticks – especially matte lipsticks – the colours appeared too nude and slightly ashy.

Flecks of pink and warm undertones make the neutral lip colours less pale and more flattering to darker skintones.

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