Is Maybelline's Fit Me concealer really that good?

By Alice Sinclair, 20 June, 2016

You may remember last month that everyone in the beauty section of the internet was going bananas for Maybelline's Fit Me concealer, which costs just £5.99.

But is it as good as everyone is saying? I bought it a couple of weeks ago, have been using it every day and have been totally won over. It's light enough to use as a highlighting concealer, but pigmented enough to conceal redness and blemishes.

It makes me look more awake and glowy, and actually stays in place for a good amount of time (though that might also be down to my favourite primer). My top tip would be to dot it onto the areas where you need it and stipple with a brush (I like Real Technique's Domed Shadow Brush) until blended.

All that said – and I do really love it – I do have a couple of issues. First up is the colour range, which pretty limited. It comes in six shades in all, most of them firmly at the beige and ivory end of the scale, and in most shops you'll be lucky to find more than three in stock.

Maybelline are by no means the only brand not to cater well enough for darker-skinned women, but it's disappointing nonetheless. It's 2016, guys – let's all make an effort to step up?

Secondly, and this is a small gripe, but the packaging isn't fantastic. It tends to suffer a bit of leakage around the cap when it screw it back on, so give it a quick wipe after every use unless you want concealer over everything in your makeup bag.

Final verdict? As long as you find a shade that suits you, it's worth the hype – and at £5.99 a go, I'm going to be stocking up for the next couple of years.

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