SKINS STYLE: The greatest looks from E4's best ever cult show

By Hannah Mellin, 2 February, 2016

During the years 2007-2010 (we're not counting the last two series because they were a bit naff), every single British teenager wanted to emulate every single thing that went down in Skins. 

From the impractical all-nighters, the rave culture, the ridiculous house parties and the staggering amount of sex that occurred, it's a wonder more of a fuss wasn't made of the influence it had on its young audience.

ANYWAY, it was also influential in many other ways, because not only did we base our whole lives around the likes of Effy, we all tried our very best to look like her and her pals, too…

Michelle's curls


Big, tight and extremely bouncy beach curls were Michelle's staple in Series One. They were the kind of curls that you're blessed with at birth, but thanks to the amazing development of curling wands and texture sprays like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, £22, this look is pretty easy to recreate.

Cassie in general

Image: E4

In the words of Tony Stonem, 'She's thin, blonde and says "wow" a lot'. Back then, Cassie seemed years ahead of everyone style-wise. Her look was timeless, decadent, and extremely floaty.

She almost always appeared bare-faced, with her hair being the only structured element. Cassie's hair was like an enchanted oracle, always back-combed, curled, crimped and with something in it.

Channel your inner Cass by adding as much texture to your hair as humanly possible, before plonking a floral garland in amongst it – like this one from ASOS, £10.

Pandora's childlike chic 

Image: E4

Like Cassie before her, Pandora was a brilliant rainbow in contrast to her pals. Her signature 'do was kind of like a Claire's Accessories explosion, all pigtails, eyeshadow applied with fingers and bare face.

Effy's smoky eye 

Image: E4

Effy was Skin's most stylish character, obviously. Her style was quintessential to how we viewed Effy as a person; dark undertones with a tough/boyish edge, but still insanely hot. She also had that look of hungover chic 24/7, her eyes wearing the outline of the night before –  drenched heavily in the darkest, smudgiest kohl going.

Effy's hair 

Effy's hair was always textured and messy – like it hadn't been brushed, cut or even washed in months.

Make like Effy and just don't touch your hair. Ever.

Emily Fitch's whole entire face

Image: E4

From the fiery red hair that prompted girls everywhere to reach for the bottle, to the swooping fringe, and even that iconic beauty spot – Emily made waves beauty-wise.

Naomi's bleach blonde bob 

Image: E4

Naomi's chin-length bob brought ice blonde back into the frame during her stint on Skins. And it's STILL in the spotlight five years later. If you're brave enough to do the whole bleaching thing, seek advice from a hairdresser before you do ANYTHING.

If your hair already has a strong colour through it that you want to start getting rid of, Bleach London do a brill Washing Out Liquid, £5.00 to get the ball rolling.

Who was your ultimate Skin's inspiration? Do let us know.