10 Amazing Barbie Dolls You Definitely Had in the '90s

By Jen Abidor, 13 May, 2015

When I was a kid, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more exciting than a trip to the toy store to pick out a new Barbie. And growing up in the ’90s, I had so many wonderful options at my fingertips. Barbies with professions! Barbies with long hair! Barbies’ little siblings! The choices were endless.

Here are some of the Barbies that are giving me serious ’90s nostalgia right now. Do you remember these gems?

1. My Size Barbie

My Size Barbie was, like, the Holy Grail of Barbie products. I got one for my 5th birthday and it was the single happiest moment of my life. Not only did you get a 3 foot tall Barbie friend to call your own but you could WEAR HER DRESS. A dress that just so happened to be the most beautiful dress straight out of all of our princess dreams. Honestly, Barbie herself was naked a lot because you wore that dress everywhere.

2. Totally Hair Barbie

Totally Hair Barbie was not lying… she really did have the LONGEST HAIR EVER. Fact: Her hair was twice as long as her dress. And it was crimped, which was the ultimate cool hairstyle. (Sigh, how young and weird we all were!). Totally Hair Barbie gave us serious hair envy for a really really long time.

3. Gymnast Barbie

I loved Gymnast Barbie a lot. She inspired me to become a gymnast for a year before I realized I was too old to ever make the Olympics. (I was 5.) Gymnast Barbie had joints that were equal parts horrifying and amazing. They clicked and bent in all sorts of positions so that Barbie really could move like some kind of double-jointed gymnast. It was amazing.

4. Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie

The only way I can really describe Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie is to imagine that Totally Hair Barbie was somehow miraculously transformed into a bedazzled mermaid and it was the most perfect, beautiful thing that ever happened.

5. Phone Fun Skipper

In case you forgot, Skipper was Barbie’s cool teen sister. And her Phone Fun doll was the pinnacle of technological advancements in the ’90s. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Not only did you get a cool pink cellphone, but the antenna (yes, cellphones had antennas) was a PENCIL. And you could write cool secret messages with that pencil. It really WAS a cool phone for lots of teen fun. Well done.

6. Birthday Barbie 

Nothing made you feel like a birthday princess like having a Birthday Barbie doll. One day a year, this Barbie was totally applicable to your life in the most amazing way possible. And the rest of the days of the year, you’d use her to PRETEND it was your birthday.

7. Teacher Barbie

Teacher Barbie was a necessary purchase for playing a game of “school” with your dolls. Which is something you weirdly did A LOT. Teacher Barbie came dressed for the occasion of teaching in a frock that even Mrs. Frizzle would be proud of. The coolest thing about Teacher Barbie was that both she and her chalkboard could talk to you with sounds of encouragement. And you didn’t even question why the students in the classroom were, like, 2 years old because IT JUST MADE SENSE.

8. Potty Training Kelly

Potty Training Kelly was the doll I never knew I wanted until I got it. Kelly came with her own toilet! And she REALLY peed. It was bananas. You were MAKING A SMALL CHILD PEE. What a time to be alive.

9. Barbie Generation Girl

In the late ’90s, also know as the greatest era in recent U.S. history, Barbie came out with an amazing new group of dolls called Generation Girls. The concept was that this group of trendy teenagers went to an international high school together, which was really important context for when I played with them. Each Generation Girl had a very specific hobby. For example, Barbie was a film maker, so she came with a camera and a bottle of water roughly the size of her purse.

You should probably just watch the commercial again for all the nostalgic feels:

10. Glitter Hair Barbie

We can all agree that the best Barbies were ones that came with special things for Barbie hair, right? Because Barbie hair was the best kind of hair. Glitter Hair Barbie escalated things to a new level. Glitter?! In your hair?! The pre-teen world had never experienced anything like it before… and probably never will again.

* * *

Which Barbie was your favorite in the ’90s?!