6 Facts You Probably Didn't Know about Rugrats That'll Make You Drop Your Blankie

By Kylie Williamson, 31 March, 2015

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Despite finishing more than ten years ago, for many of us Rugrats is embedded in fond childhood memories. This is with the possible exception of the character of Angelica, who remains scary to this day – right up there with the girl in the Exorcist.

While you might still be able to rattle off the names of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Dil and you might even recall Kimi, there are probably a few things about Rugrats that you never actually knew. Test yourself with this list:

1. The deal with Chuckie’s mum

In the early episodes, Chuckie appeared to have a mother, although we never saw her. It was later revealed that she had passed away due to a sudden terminal illness. She finally made an appearance via a series of flashbacks to her time pre-illness in the episode ‘Mother’s Day’

Poor sad motherless Chuckie!

Eventually, Chuckie gets a new step mum, Kira, and an automatic stepsister Kimi.

Bonus Fact: Chuckie’s mum was voiced by Kim Cattrall, of Sex And The City fame. Who knew that Samantha’s alter ego would be the mum of an animated tot?

2. Chuckie’s Musical Doppelganger

Chuckie’s character was apparently inspired by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo. This brings back instant vision of men in Lego-like red hats, rocking whips and a fairly rudimentary dance-style.

This was not just a random selection of a hero from a collection of ’70s bands – Mothersbaugh was also the composer for Rugrats’ tunes. Do you see a hint of our Chuckie in this clip?

3. Not their first rodeo

Gábor Csupó and Arlene Klasky were the creators of Rugrats and had done some serious animator leg-work on The Simpsons before they started pencilling out Tommy and Chuckie.

In this unscreened pilot episode, we are introduced to Tommy, Phil and Lil. Look closely and you’ll see the adults toting some very Simpson-esque hairstyles. Do you see the similarities?

Bonus Fact: Rugrats premiered on the same day as Doug and The Ren and Stimpy Show. Fairly epic trifecta!

4. Angelica – the alternate theory

Every cartoon needs an antagonist and Rugrats gives us absurdly spoiled and occasionally sadistic Angelica. She teases, belittles, tricks and taunts the babies, pretty much proving herself the cartoon alternative of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl when it comes to the way to treat the minions.

In the depths of the internet, a fan conspiracy theory suggests that Angelica’s relationship with all the characters is even darker. Fans have united to allege that all the baby characters are a figment of Angelica’s imagination and the characters are mostly dead.

She must conjure them up from time to time just when she’s in need of a miniature human to torment. Read more about the theory here.

5. Second longest running Nicktoon after a sponge

Despite a brief break in the middle of the run, Rugrats was definitely right up there and about to earn long service leave. Still they’ve been narrowly edged out by a kitchen cleaning rag that lives inside a pineapple under the sea.

Probably the only kids cartoon theme song ever to contain the word ‘porous’.

Bonus fact: The Rugrats have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Spongebob hasn’t made it yet.

6. All the babies were voiced by females

Regardless of the gender of the babies, all of the voiceover actors were female. The priority was high pitched baby voices and the producers felt that female voices were more appropriate. So poor Chuckie and Tommy were actually gals in disguise.

Sounds kinda odd now that you listen to them, right?

Which fact surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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