An unreasonably in-depth look at the first Gilmore Girls reboot pics - what's changed in 9 years?

By Scarlett Cayford, 12 April, 2016

First pictures have been released from the set of the Gilmore Girls reboot, where they have already commenced filming for the four feature-length episodes that will give GG devotees the chance to farewell Star's Hollow properly. 

No plot details have been released, but these seven pictures are plenty to tantalise us for the time being. Are you ready to read way too much into the minutiae? Let's go!

Rory At Chiltern

Well, well, well. After having essentially prostituted out Miss Fairchild when she visited for an introduction to Yale, we would never have thought that Headmaster Charleston would have let Gilmore Junior back in the building, but perhaps he's dead.

The snap shows a lean and pretty Rory, looking positively adult in a sleek lob, standing in front of an attentive looking class in a dress that is typically, boringly Rory. I'm sorry, but in contrast with her funfair-clown of a mother, Rory's wardrobe always was a touch drab, no?

Anyway, body language suggests that Rory might not be as comfortable as all that. Perhaps they are berating her on her past adultery. We would.

Luke and Lorelai Together

The question that has lingered on the lips of all fans since the reboot first became an actuality was this: are Luke and Lorelai still together?

After sharing a snog on a rain-soaked pavement in the final episode, we'd have hoped that they've have tied the knot and shacked up, but you know Luke and Lorelai. They like a fight.

This picture, showing them hand in hand and laughing happily might suggest that they're together, and all is right with the the world but LET US NOT FORGET the Bridget Jones' Baby trailer, which made it look like she was married to Mark Darcy, and then shafted us brutally. No, we're not so gullible as to believe that all is smooth sailing for L&L, especially since the picture takes care to obscure the presence or absence of wedding rings.

BUT: He is still wearing the blue hat, so that is a magnificent sign. And look how long and lustrous that hair of Lorelai's is. If that's not a sign of healthy and happiness then we don't know what is.

The Star's Hollow Musical

Now, see, if we were just looking at Lorelai in this picture, we could assume that this is just a normal day. After all, the dress-and-hat combo is not so far from the snafoo of red trousers, skinny scarves, crochet beanies and ridiculous prints that we've seen from her in the past. But, Boring Rory is dressed like a Woodstock reject, so we've come to the conclusion that they are auditioning for the musical, which we are delighted by, since it's about time we watched Lorelai croon mournfully into a mic again.

As for Patty and Babette: hurrah for their return, both to the small screen and to musical endeavours. Let us hope that Babette has been eating her shredded wheat (for the husky quality, you understand). She looks much unchanged, but the years have done interesting things for Liz Torres – see her below, pictured in 2010.

Our only question: where is Kirk? He was BORN for this.

Our only OTHER question: might the kid pictured behind the Gilmores be one of Lane and Zac's twins? He would be about 9 years old, and there's definitely something of the Mrs Kim about him…

The Town Meeting

We know, we know: there are not enough recognisable faces in this Town Hall meeting. Babette's there, obscured by what we can only assume are Morrie's glasses (Morrie! Where are you?) and Luke and Lorelai look appropriately affronted, but wherefore art thou, Andrew, Gypsy, Lulu, etc?

As a saving grace, we're opting to assume that Taylor and Kirk are up the front. Taylor's presence is assured by the expression on Luke's face, and where Taylor goes, Kirk is never far behind.

This is clearly snapped from the winter episode of the show, a fact we have cleverly deduced from the presence of fir, fairy lights, and some sort of red and white fluff visible in the top right corner. Yes, we are detectives, what of it?

Friday Night Dinner 

Important point of note: Richard will not be appearing in the show, with the actor, Edward Herrman, having passed away in late 2014. Take a deep breath. It's all going to be OK. Emily is OK. He is with his mother now, bringing her salted nuts in heaven.

Let's look at the dresses.

Nearly 9 years have passed since the final ep of the original series was filmed, and yet Rory still looks no older than 22, proving once and for all that getting intimate with a Mad Man has anti-ageing effects (actress Alexis Bledel is happily married to the actor who brought the odious Pete Campbell to life. It's all very cross-genre). Though, judging by the expression on Emily's face, she is not a fan of the dress. Or anything else at all.

But we are very pleased indeed to see that Friday night dinners have continued apace. Neither Time nor Place can thwart the desires of one Emily Gilmore. Speaking of whom….

Queen Emily

This woman is 72 YEARS OLD. She looks no older, though perhaps ever so slightly more shiny, than she did 9 years past, when she stood on the side of the road under a tent canopy and talked about tennis courts.

Honestly, this picture needs no commentary. She is still in charge. She will outlive us all. Long live the queen.

The Gilmore Girls

Where else to leave it, but with this snap (I think in Lorelai's kitchen?? But with more equipment?? Have you changed, Lozza?) of our favourite pair, chewing the fat (disgusting phrase).

Takeout containers? Check. Coffee? Check. Pop tarts? Check.

You guys, we see nothing in this picture that suggests that the reboot will be anything less than a complete and perfect homage to the show that set the heart of so many fans alight.

Of course, we still have questions: where is Sookie (she has now signed up for the reboot, and we were rather hoping for a snap of her hurling a cake at the ceiling, or something)? Where is Jackson? Where is Mrs Kim? Where is Lane? Where is Kirk? We know they can't show all of them in 7 measly pictures but STILL.

And where, for the love of all that is good and holy, is JESS, our returning black sheep, clearly the love of Rory's life, and a solid 30% of why we're excited about all of this to begin with?

We will simply have to wait. Impatiently. Rather like Lorelai, waiting for pizza on a snowy evening.