Bridget Jones' Baby: All the best beauty looks from the trailer

By Scarlett Cayford, 24 March, 2016

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have no interest in sequels to sequels, then you probably know that the Bridget Jones juggernaut has been granted a third go-round.

The third movie, which was produced independently of Helen Fielding's third book, centres around a once-again single Bridget, who has ditched Mark (for unknown reasons) and is dallying in a romance with new love interest Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy, looking greying but still dreamy). Oh, and she's pregnant. To one of them.

It's back to basics for viewers, who will recognise all the traits and tropes of the Bridget they love – albeit about a third of her usual size, Renee Zellweger apparently having put her foot down over a third substantial weight gain.

The trailer is a joyous thing, but what we're most interested in is how Bridget has grown up in the interim – what she's wearing, how she's doing her hair, whether she still favours terrible ponytails. So here are her most notable looks from the trailer:

Lonely Bridget

Back on her couch, back in the flat we know and love, back by herself. She might have grown up, but she hasn't abandoned her favoured shabby look in the form of the high ponytail and bright highlights. Likes the natural look, does Bridge. As do we.

Imaginary Bridget

Properly Groomed Bridget is a confusing article for us, since we're more accustomed to seeing her covered in mud. Luckily for us then, this wedding styling is pure imagination, since Bridget's reality looks rather more like the pic above. Still, we love the highlighted cheeks and elegant hair. Babe.

Casual Bridget

Those high cheek bones. The casual side plait. The beanie. Very on-trend. We love.

Independent Bridget

We see a lot of Bridget on bridges. Is it a name thing? Something to ponder.

Anyway, striding Bridget is a thing of beauty, and not just because she's just reminded us that she was rocking the half-up 'do long before most of us knew it was trendy. We're loving the carefully cultivated cowlick and the softly waved hair, even if – since it's Bridget – it's probably just a result of falling asleep with wet hair.

Manic Pregnant Bridget

Just because she's just found out she's going to be a mother is NO EXCUSE no to have lovely casual-cool hair. Good brows, too.

Possibly Royalty Bridget

This look comes with Bridget's first sighting of Mark Darcy in some time, so we can probably presume that some extra time was spent primping. It was well spent – she's all pink cheeks and nude lips and glowing beauty. TAKE HER BACK MARK, WHAT'S YOUR DAMAGE?

Drunk Bridget

Ah. Our favourite. Glowing, sweating, facially-contorted, martini in hand. This can only end in happiness (or tears, or an ill-advised bang with Ed Sheeran).

Whatever her look, we're simply dead pleased to have Bridget back on deck. She's been with us from the beginning. We're gunning for a happy ending.