The Most OCD Monica Geller Moments That We Can All Relate To

By Laura Spencer, 20 December, 2014

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Monica Geller was the Friend renowned for her obsession with keeping things clean and in order, and sometimes she went a little crazy – which was to our benefit of course, as it was highly entertaining.

But Monica definitely had some things rights when it came to neatness, and so, we look at the times Monica’s OCD tendencies were the most relatable.

1. The Time Rachel Broke Monica’s Wedding China

When we have something super special to us that is also fragile, we would go to ridiculous lengths to protect it.

This, in turn, causes severe anxiety about the object breaking, so much so that even walking past it and hearing it shake can send shivers down our spine.

So when Monica fainted after Rachel broke some of her wedding china, we totally knew how she felt. Beautiful crockery can be like family!

2. Monica’s Towel Categories

When Monica showed the Friends gang how she categorized her towels as ‘everyday use’, ‘fancy’, ‘guest’, and ‘fancy-guest’, the little neat-freak inside of us cheered with glee.

There is nothing better than taking a large group of household objects and categorizing them according to function, whether it’s our clothes or our crockery.

Let’s not deny it, everyone puts out their ‘fancy-guest’ towels when relatives come to stay! But how do we know where to store each category? This leads us to…

3. Monica and the Label Maker

When Monica bought a label maker, she went totally nuts, labeling nearly everything in her house.

What better way to know where every last piece of junk in your house is than to label it?

We all know the adrenaline rush that comes with a label maker, label tape, and a fresh pair of batteries; it’s like the spirit of the labels take control of your body.

So we were totally in stitches when Monica carried her label maker around like it was a small child.

4. When Monica was a Control Freak at Phoebe’s Wedding

We all know how it feels when we let the power of controlling an event get to our heads, which is what made it so funny when Monica took control freak to another level when she acted as Phoebe’s wedding planner.

Monica walked around shouting at orders at her frightened friends, while WEARING A HEADSET so that she could take calls on the go (keep in mind that this was before the Bluetooth headset craze, people).

Let’s be honest, haven’t we all taken something important to us just one step (or five) too far, and managed to annoy everyone we know?

Thank you to Monica Geller for perfectly demonstrating this on our television sets.


5. When Monica Created Her Own Clean Catchphrase

Monica proved just how neurotic she could be when she claimed that her new workplace was ‘Monica Clean’.

We all know the great feeling that is the satisfaction of knowing something is cleaned to our own standards of perfection, and Monica totally nailed this with her catchphrase.

It’s our way or the highway, baby!

6. Monica’s Secret Messy Cupboard

Whenever a big clean up takes place, there are always a few leftover items that we can’t quite store or put away, so instead, we just shove them in a secret space until we need them again (or ever).

Monica was no stranger to this phenomenon – she too had a secret cupboard that was full of random items that she had collected over the years, and couldn’t find a category for.

When Chandler found out about the secret closet, the results were hilarious for us, and not so funny for Monica.

For more hilarious Chandler moments, check out our rundown of his best lines from the entire run of the show.

7.When Monica Cleaned Herself Into A Frenzy

Have you ever spent such a long time cleaning, that your whole body aches and you are hungry, smelly and dehydrated, but you push on because you are DETERMINED to get something cleaned in a certain time frame?

Monica did this on a regular basis, and took on cleaning jobs as if they were ruthless challenges of endurance.

The episode where Monica spins around like a mad man on her floor polisher was a beautiful visual that exemplified the cleaning frenzy that we have all experienced at one point or another.

8. When Monica Cleaned A Stranger’s House

Monica was so obsessed with cleaning, that when Ross told her about his girlfriend who had a disgusting apartment, she couldn’t help herself: she had to go and try to clean it.

We can totally relate to this too, because when you walk into a house that just isn’t cleaned to your standards, it is so hard to resist the urge to just start tidying.

Oh, Monica, your weird cleaning habits and neat-freakiness were a constant source of inspiration for us.

There are many times when we were cleaning and we thought simply of you, as we powered through an aggressive episode of label making or towel categorizing. Have any more Monica moments you want to share?

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