Phil’s Best Dad Jokes in Modern Family

By Steph Wu, 24 December, 2014


Phil Dunphy is indisputably TV’s coolest dad. Sorry to all other TV dads, but we doubt that they know the real meaning of LOL or WTF (“Why the face?” for the uninitiated).

There’s a lot to love about Modern Family – the hilarious antics, the extreme relatability factor (who else’s family is equally as embarrassing, raise your hands) and especially the inevitable sweet, sometimes tear-jerking moments at the end of every episode where the family comes together and everybody learns a lesson about life and family.

But hands-down, the most loveable parts of all are Phil’s awesome dad jokes.

Doting husband, father and part-time magician Phil Dunphy has a joke for every occasion. Here are Phil’s all-time best dad jokes.

What was Elton John’s sexual orientation in the 70’s?

Ah, Phil. The master of the fast-talking, question-and-answer joke. Most commonly used when answering the phone, other popular variations of this joke include “Quick, what’s my favourite hospital food? Jellooo” and the seminal classic, “Quick, what does love start with? L-O.”

On impressions


One thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull moment with this guy around. He may not be the best at impressions or first impressions (see: awkwardly and inadvertently sexually propositioning potential new neighbours), but that doesn’t mean he won’t try. Bless you, Phil Dunphy.

On love


Sometimes Phil has the occasional moment of clarity and comes up with some real gems of wisdom. Hilarious as it is, there is a real lesson to be learned here, kids. Never set your tigers free, even if you love them. Thanks, Phil.



#ouch. While Phil is generally a pretty laidback, calm and collected kinda guy, every now and again we’re reminded that he also has a real streak of competitiveness, leading to him busting out zingers like this one. You go, Phil.



Phil Dunphy? More like Phil… PUN-phy. Right? Right??

More puns



Even more puns


The best thing about the fact that Phil laughs at his own jokes is that at least there’s always one person laughing. The rest of the Dunphy family doesn’t seem to find Phil’s dad jokes quite as hilarious as we do (Claire can’t even crack a smile!), but there’s no accounting for taste.

All the puns!


Another truth bomb from Phil Dunphy. When was the last time you heard of someone being s-fathered to death?




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