The 12 weirdest things that happened on The X Factor final

By Sophie Hall, 14 December, 2015

So, The X Factor has finally ended. Yes, honestly! It's actually finished. After all these months. You could learn piano grade one in the time this series has been on. Probably!

Pic: ITV1

The victor of the competition was 17 year old Louisa Johnson, marking her as the youngest ever X Factor winner EVA EVA EVAAA.

According to the voting figures, which are released after the show ends, Louisa topped the weekly votes pretty much on a regular basis – alongside two rogue weeks where Che and Reggie n' Bollie pipped her.

The show spread across our weekend with two mammoth two hour-long shows – meaning there was a lot to look forward to, and a lot of weird stuff too.

1. Louis Walsh on the moon 

This series of X Factor famously marked the year that Simon finally ditched earnest Westlife enthusiast Louis Walsh.

However, in the final, they couldn't resist giving a 'cheeky nod' to the former judge in the weirdest way possible, spoofing this year's 'Man on the Moon' John Lewis advert. In this scenario, as you can imagine, Louis is the man on the moon, looking at his former job through a small telescope. You know, because when you get fired, all you want to do is re-enact how unemployed you are for your former employers via a jokey sketch.

2. Pump action 

When asked by Caroline Flack what Reggie n' Bollie planned to give to the competition at the start of the show, the boys replied with the weirdest answer in the world.

"We're going to give PUMP ACTION."


3. Tenuous link to the new Star Wars movie 

The judges arrived in style, with Cheryl rolling in with a limo and fake 'paparazzi' down a red carpet, Rita Ora was carried in on a massive chair, we can't remember how Nick Grimshaw came in, probably just round the back, and Simon – to the anthem of Darth Vader arm in arm with a gang of Stormtroopers.

"Oh by the way, the new Star Wars movie is out this week." Olly said.

Wow! A new Star Wars movie! We can't believe we've never heard of that happening before now! Thanks X Factor!

4. Leona and Ben Haenow's really really weird duet.

The final was keen to point out the other X Factor alumni that the competition had introduced over the years, such as megastar Leona Lewis and, er, last year's winner Ben Haenow.

Deliriously, someone decided it would be great if the cream of X Factor performed with the dregs of X Factor – and the result was, inevitably, dire – with Leona barely looking at Ben throughout. The apex came right at the end during a rendition of Snow Patrol's Run, where Ben Haenow delivered a note that emulated purest torture.

He didn't even take his coat off.

5. Che's singing burgers

Third placer Che Chesterman was a big favourite to win the contest some time ago, but it seems someone behind the scenes really, really wanted to screw that chance over.

This is the only thing we can think of that would explain why Che was asked to sing Amy Winehouse's version of Valerie, with the stage set up like an American diner, complete with ladies coming out of giant hamburgers like a mad David Lynch movie. Why did this happen?

6. The VT muck-up of despair 

If Olly Murs thought his Deadlock disaster was going to be the worst technical disaster of X Factor this series, he was oh so wrong, when a 'reminder VT' of the contestant's performances colossally messed up.

Fair enough. Technical errors on live TV happen all the time, but the reaction from Olly, Caroline and the judges was golden as the audience filled Wembley Stadium with boos.


The celebrity duets are always a matter of interest during an X Factor final – or at least they used to be, back in the days the show could somehow rope in Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna. These days it's usually Meghan Trainor and Gary Barlow.

However, while Che bored us to the ends of the earth with Rod Stewart, and Louisa was lumbered with her mentor Rita Ora, Reggie 'n' Bollie gave us one 90s nostalgic treat to end them all – CRAIG ACTUAL DAVID, adorned in head to toe white just like the old days. Not even Olly going "Re-Re-Wind!" afterwards could dilute this moment of absolute garage gold.

8. A weird bit about Christmas jumpers 

As you might know by this point, The X Factor is a reality show about finding singing talent. So when the show decides to foray into the realms of comedy sketches – things get a bit hazy.

One particular segment saw the judges all joking about how Simon Cowell doesn't wear Christmas jumpers – in conjunction with ITV1's Text Santa campaign. It was the most pointless thing since Ben Haenow's coat.

9. Will Ferrell even gets roped in 

Oh Will, do you really need the money? During Sunday's final 2.0, the funnyman engaged in a bizarre sketch celebrating the 'comedy acts' (Jedward, Wagner etc.) of the days gone by. But, as some viewers pointed out, it was clearly all in the name for Will to promote his new film.


Okay, it wasn't a 'weird' moment, but more like the best bit of the whole thing. Relive the moment two pop forces of nature combined for a mash-up of Black Magic and Sax. Or should we say… Sax Magic? YES.

11. Reggie n Bollie and Louisa being given the same winner's song 

This year's winner's song was Bob Dylan's Forever Young. Fair enough. But what wasn't so fair was the fact that the song was clearly more suited to one X Factor finalist over the other – maybe the 17 year old ballad singer, perhaps?

Even Jess Glynne, who helped Cheryl pick the acts in this series, took to Twitter to say it was completely unfair on Reggie n' Bollie to be given a slow number – considering they have been doing up-tempo dance hits all series. It's like giving Jedward How Soon is Now by The Smiths. (Actually, we would like to see this very much.)

12. And finally, the best moment of the entire four hour show.

When Cheryl and Simon stood up for Louisa but were too early.

Again and again and again.

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