The most weird and wonderful moments from this weekend's Super Bowl

By Sophie Hall, 8 February, 2016

Ah, America. You give us all the best things. Barack Obama. Bigger pizzas. Ryan Gosling. 

Pic: REX

But this weekend, the generous country also gave us the annual treat that is the SUPER BOWL, and sure, we might not be into sport so much, but you can bet your bottom dollar we're into the half-time show.

This year, Coldplay were supposed to be the main headliners, but gradually the list seemed to get longer and longer. Suddenly, former headliner Beyoncé was there – and then all of a sudden Bruno Mars was there as well? Poor Coldplay.

Nonetheless, it was a musical treat from all corners, and here are our favourite lovely portions that the internet has thrown up for us this morning.

Chris Martin being the uncool guy at the party

Bless Chris Martin and Coldplay. The band have offered us stadium-level classics over the past ten years, and yet still next to Bruno Mars and Beyoncé, Chris just looked like the guy you feel like you have to invite to the party. You may be a multi-millionaire songwriter Chris, but tie-dye patched jeans?

It wasn't long before Chris was dubbed the "new left shark", ie: the left shark from Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance. 

And then the memes started.

But can we just talk about the MUSIC a second, guys? Because first off, Lady Gaga was bloody there.

And that was before THIS all started happening.


Apparently Queen Bey fell but absolutely nobody noticed because this is how Queen Bey falls.

And Beyonce wasn't the only star of the show. Let's hear it for this guy!

And don't get us started on the guy who yelled "woo!" in the background.

He should've been more like this guy.

And finally, let's hear it for Taraji P Henson, (AKA Empire's Cookie) who summed up Coldplay's headline slot too perfectly.


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