87 Unanswered 'Pretty Little Liars' Questions We Still Have After That Finale

By Dave Quinn, 12 August, 2015

Well, Pretty Little Liars fan, we FINALLY know who A is. But… that doesn’t mean that we still don’t have questions.

In fact, for the “Summer of Answers,” we still have a shit ton of unanswered questions. And that’s after reading I Marlene King’s epic Entertainment Weekly article, where she answered all the questions she didn’t have space for in the PLL finale.

Oh, and lest you think we’re exaggerating here, let’s be clear: We’re not even stressing about the NEW mysteries that are coming after the time jump (like who Alison “Mrs. Rollins” DiLaurentis’ new husband is or who the HE is who is after Alison in the first place). No — we’re focusing on the mysteries that I Marlene King has seriously left behind. The ones she’s too lazy to answer that we will probably NEVER understand.

Here goes:

  1. Why was CeCe finally telling Alison all this shit now?
  2. And what was the purpose of wanting to blow up Radley in the first place? Radley was closed. It’s just an empty building!
  3. How did Spencer learn to diffuse a bomb?
  4. Why was Sara Harvey even working for A?
  5. Who the hell is Sara Harvey anyway?
  6. What was her motivation for working with A?
  7. Was she going to die with everyone when they blew up Radley?
  8. Why would she want to die with everyone?
  9. What was CeCe planning on doing when she met Jason at her “birthday party?”
  10. Did CeCe and Jason really never have sex?
  11. Like, maybe not penetrative sex. But oral sex?
  12. A handy at least?
  13. Does CeCe feel bad about putting Alison in prison?
  14. If she really loved her like she said she did, wouldn’t she feel bad about putting her in prison?
  15. Did she have her attacked in prison?
  16. Remember how Alison and Bethany Young were exchanging letters at one point. Why?
  17. Like, how did Alison know who Bethany was when she didn’t even know who Charles was?
  18. How is the rooftop to Radley so easily accessible at night?
  19. And how could a little kid like Bethany Young overpower a full-grown adult like Mrs. Cavanaugh? If it was Big Rhonda, I’d get it. But Bethany Young? No.
  20. Speaking of Big Rhonda, where the hell is Big Rhonda?
  21. And is she still eating Cheetos?
  22. Remember that whole “A Team” thing? Whatever happened to that?
  23. Was Wren on the A Team?
  24. Was Lesli Stone?
  25. If they were all in Radley, wouldn’t they have known Charles was transitioning into CeCe?
  26. Did Charles ever medically transition into CeCe?
  27. Did that medical transition happen at Radley?
  28. Who paid for it? Because surely Mr. DiLaurentis would notice if Mrs. DiLaurentis was spending thousands of dollars of their joint shared bank account, no?
  29. Why did Mrs. DiLaurentis tell Alison that CeCe was dressed up like her? 
  30. Speaking of Mrs. DiLaurentis, WHO KILLED HER!?
  31. And what the hell is up with Rhys ?
  33. Is Maya even dead?
  34. Where is Maya?
  35. Presumably CeCe went to jail after the end of the finale. Did Mona go to jail for killing Bethany Young?
  36. If CeCe grew up in Radley, how’d she become so good with technology?
  37. How’d she learn to drive?
  38. And how could Radley let a committed patient who almost murdered her kid sister and was believed to actually murder a fucking adult just roam freely to attend college classes?
  39. If CeCe was a patient at Radley, why did Wren have to give her a guest pass that time?
  40. And why didn’t Mona recognize CeCe when she helped her escape that time?
  41. Was Mona really too high that she couldn’t recognize someone’s face?
  42. Yet Mona was lucid enough to put together an entire escape plan from a mental institution?
  43. Do all of Mona’s high heel shoes have secret knives in them?
  44. And remember right before Mona was kidnapped, how she was like “I totally know who A is!” WHY DIDN’T SHE BRING IT UP ONCE SHE GOT OUT OF THAT BUNKER?
  45. Why did CeCe make Mona dress up like Alison in the bunker?
  46. Did CeCe build that whole underground bunker, or did she just buy it?
  47. How did CeCe carry all that shit down in the bunker?
  48. How did CeCe replicate those girls bedrooms so perfectly?
  49. And who wrote this sketchy ass message in the bunker?
  50. Why did CeCe make Aria cut her hair in the bunker?
  51. Who did CeCe get to record that bunker voiceover? “Welcome… Benvenutos…”
  52. What the hell was that Varjak shit all about?
  53. Why did CeCe eat Tippi the parrot?
  54. How on earth did CeCe get a vile of blood into Spencer’s bag when Spencer was in London?
  55. Or that note into Hanna’s tooth?
  57. What happened to the Real Housewives of Rosewood?
  58. Are they still locked in the basement?
  59. Is Jason still a part of the N.A.T. Club if he’s the only living member?
  60. Was Melissa talking to Bethany Young the night Alison disappeared?
  61. And what did Melissa know anyway?
  62. Like, why was Melissa helping Shana and Jenna?
  63. What are Melissa and Wren even doing in London?
  64. Why was Wren drawing that sketchy picture?
  65. Who was Wren talking to when he was like “I’ve done my part – now do yours?”
  66. Is Jenna still a thing?
  67. Is Lucas still a thing?
  68. Are Jenna and Lucas dating?
  69. When did that whole “birthday party with cousin Freddie” happen? 
  70. What was with Bethany Young’s sketchy drawings?
  71. Did Alison ever thank Mrs. Grunwald for pulling her out of the grave?
  72. And speaking of graves, who took the remains of Bethany’s body from her grave?
  73. Who buried the hockey stick?
  74. Who did Aria stab on the train with that screwdriver?
  75. If Wilden was paid off from the beginning, then why the fuck was he trying to solve Alison’s disappearance for all those years?
  76. If Hanna was Alison’s favorite, which of the four main girls was CeCe’s favorite?
  77. Who drugged Emily and took her to Ali’s grave?
  78. Who is Beach hottie?
  79. Where is Eddie Lamb?
  80. And why did he recognize Aria that time?
  81. When CeCe first met Mona at Radley, Mona thought she was Alison and said “I did everything you asked me to do.” WHAT DID ALISON ASK MONA TO DO!?!?
  82. When Spencer and Toby were on Team A, who were they working for?
  83. Did Emily go to college on a swimming scholarship?
  84. What’s Caleb’s mysterious job in New York?
  85. In what world do four people leave for college on the exact same day?
  86. And in what world do none of their parents send them off?
  87. Or boyfriends/girlfriends?

That’s what we’ve got. What about you? Any burning questions left up in the air. Let us know in the comments section!

Oh, and one more question:

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