Why we've all got a little bit of a crush on Kristen Stewart

By Team Beamly, 28 August, 2014

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Kristen Stewart is a total badass babe. She hit the big time playing Bella Swan in Twilight, but there is much more to Kristen than meets the eye.

Here’s why we love Kristen now, and forever:

She’s a brilliant actress.

She might be most commonly known as playing Bella Swan, but Kristen Stewart has hit the indie scene with loads of films, having won 31 awards. She’s also a really serious person, which is something we don’t get to see a lot of.

She started out at age 12 in The Panic Room, for which we was awarded the Young Artist Award.

Some call Kristen’s acting wooden, but she’s also been praised for being brilliantly underplayed, with subtle emotions that are just below the surface, the emotions just hinting at breaking loose. This works so well because it creates a brilliant contrast to the actors around her.

Of course, this style of acting is perfect for playing the cool-as-ice rock babe in The Runaways, which Kristen completely owned.

Kristen is only 24. She’s got room to grow and evolve, and she is aware that she has time. When being interviewed by  Conan in 2012, she talks about this one youtube video which inspires her, because she’s “never been able to reach the passion” exhibited in the video.

We can’t wait to see her in Camp X-Ray.

Kristen begrudgingly accepts the fame machine

Kristen has this bounce in interviews. It’s this nervous, twitchy bounce, where she is worried about what she will say, or regret saying, or how she will be painted in the media.

But that’s actually one of the things that we love about Kristen – she hasn’t got a slick facade, she’s just her.

She’s a total dork – she drops MTV awards and wears sneakers to the red carpet.

In one interview, Kristen says that she’d ultimately like to become a writer rather than an actress, so we might be left to wonder if Kristen’s place isn’t in front of the camera, but writing the stories for camera.

He’s a total badass about being herself

It would be hard to write about Kristen about “the apology” (which we will not go into here, because, let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes – but if you want the rundown, here’s Will Ferrell explaining everything.) but she’s one of the only celebrities to really deliver a heartbreaking apology for her actions. And that’s far more than we usually get from Hollywood.

She rescues animals from the pound. This is Bear.

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And when she did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, she also encouraged people to use recycled water.

And we couldn’t end this article without a youtube video of a supercut of Kristen being completely adorable. She’s rambly and passionate and raw. But we love every second of it:

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