When Will We Finally Find Out Glenn's Fate on 'The Walking Dead'?

By Ben Liebman, 9 November, 2015

There’s only one question that Walking Dead fans care about, and that’s the fate of Glenn. When will the show finally answer the question on everyone’s mind?


If this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled Now, was judged as a stand-alone piece of entertainment then it would have landed solidly in the B section of grading. We got to learn more of the backstory of the residents in Alexandria, and got a pretty nifty adventure in the sewers with Maggie and Aaron.

However, the fate of Glenn has hung over every moment since he took that nasty plunge into that horde of walkers. Last week’s Morgan backstory was exempt from the Glenn worry because most of the action took place in the past. Now that we are learning more about what went down the day Rick tried to empty the quarry, all thoughts are consumed by Glenn.


So when will Glenn’s devoted fanbase finally get some concrete answers? The good news is we have a solid idea when the reveal will happen, but the bad news is will definitely not be next Sunday. Let’s break it all down.

Next week’s episode appears to be devoted to the survival of Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. Those three were leading the parade of walkers away from Alexandria. The promos and sneak peek released make it clear that next week’s episode will be an adventure outside the walls of Alexandria. That only leaves two episodes for the first half of Season 6.


The one thing The Walking Dead always loves to do is go out on a bang. Major characters like Beth or Andrea got their last rites during a finale episode. So if episode 6 is the Daryl story, episode 7 is the continuing drama in Alexandria, then it seems clear episode 8 will settle Glenn’s fate.

Episode 8 will air on November 29th. So if you were hoping that your Glenn arguments would be settled by Thanksgiving, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. So until then, enjoy all the Glenn speculation you can get your hands on, but be prepared for the major reveal on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.


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